Pros and Cons Of India

Mum has got a job in India teaching women about midwifery and training midwives. We are now calling the crazy city of Hyderabad our home. India is an amazing place but we have had our ups and downs.


  • pro, the food. It is rich and the naan and biriyani are all amazing.
  • con, NO BEEF (as it is Hindu) and NO PORK (its a Muslim city too)
  • pro, two words NO SCHOOL
  • con, knowing that you have to stay in the sweaty city during the hot season followed by the monsoon season.
  • pro, big tech hubs mean big hotels and big fancy pools.
  • con, knowing that it is a 20 minuet Uber away and are super expensive to use the facilities.
  • pro, malls with loads of recognisable shops like Marks & Spenser and H&M
  • con, those malls are dads worst nightmare and when you spend 24/7 with him he starts to put his foot down.
  • pro, new Star Wars fill premier for £10 pounds all together (5 tickets)
  • con, film snacks seem to include Thalis or samosas midway through the show
  • there are lots of water parks
  • con, those water parks are mobbed and you can’t do anything but get bombarded with selfie requests

Overall we are getting used to India and have found some good points as well as some bad. One of the most annoying thing for me is the fact that we are so far away from the sea and the 40 degree heat which is the norm here. Over time we will get used to the constant car crashes and crazy food. India is a crazy country with so many different culture. Despite feeling wowed by the fact I’m in India I do massively miss England. in the next year I hope to get my head around this amazing country


of course you have got to have camels!!!!
the open electricity in the kids play park
we love the fruits! especially the mangoes during the season!
still going!! a little dent can’t stop him!!

chillin’ in the Novotel for the day

ddoing the road works with minimal distraction!!
getting the movie tickets
having a nap on the highway


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