The perfect beach

We have been traveling for a while now and as beach lovers we have been to some fantastic ones. From Malibu to Pan Azucra in the Pacific ocean and Impanema beach in the Atlantic we have found our favourite ocean so far is, the Indian ocean. With its warm, clear waters and beautiful marine life it ticks all my boxes and I now am seriously starting to dread the cold, murky waters of the UK. A new bonus in our water based life is that we can all surf, not the best I will admit, and that just makes us love Sri Lanka even more.

Anyway, you are probably quivering in excitement to find out the name of this beach, well it is called Hiriketiya and it is definitely the best beach on the south coast of the island. You can surf with turtles swimming under your board, the waves are strong and you don’t get in the way of swimmers. Surfboards are cheap to rent and the guys renting them are friendly (even when GG broke the board). When describing the surf you might think that swimming is not going to be relaxing with waves everywhere but, no offence, you are WRONG!!! The water is still, with the occasional bob over a small ripple. The water is  turquoise and the sand is white, with palms sprouting out into the sun. You can literally read the time on your watch under the water, it is that clear

Dylan practicing his floating dance

The overall vibe of the place is a chilled, back packers vibe and I would say is very good for family’s too. The beach bars are all lush and serve pizza and burgers alongside the traditional Rice and Curry. I would recommend Dots restaurant to every one as the food is great with the A-MA-ZING “D burger” and the pastas being the bomb, definitely the best burger we have had,  beef is scarce in Sri Lanka. Dots and the Grove are both restaurants with a lovely location although not set on the beach. If you are looking for a drink on the beach there are three to four nice bars with nice looking juices and food, they are all quite expensive by local standards, at about £5 for a pizza, but still pretty good value. The restaurants have sun-beds but you have to get the food from there if you want to use them, there is also a lovely shaded beach area where we sat under some trees near the coral away from all the restaurants.

Overall I think this is the best beach in the south. It is an hour East from Marissa, it is not over crowded and has a real secret vibe about it. If going to Tangalle or Dickwella I would really recommend going here.

G got one!
me catching a rad wave
bobbing with turtles








chillin after some surf
woo woo white wash

2 thoughts on “The perfect beach

  1. Loving it dude – but also very jealous!
    The beach you are visiting sounds like paradise! Swimming with turtles – wow pure magic!
    I like the hyperlink feature – to Dots – the food sounds great but the prices high! Are there locals at this beach or just tourists?
    Looking forward to seeing you
    Nanna xxx

  2. great travel journal, you are right about the sea in the UK, at least the Solent from my window looks murky and cold ! x

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