A day In The Life Of Me: Sri Lanka Style

We have been in Sri Lanka for just over a month and we have been living in our new house for two weeks. We now have a routine and a way of life. Read on for one of our typical days.

At 7:00 am I wake up and go outside for some breakfast. It is usually porridge that Dad made earlier that morning for Dylan and Georgia. I have to eat quick as we are going surfing at 8 am. I then have to rush and get my swimming costume and rash vest on. Then we are all in the family Tuk-Tuk and are hitting the road by 7:35 at the latest.

On the road we are up with the other commuters that are going to Welligama Beach. The death buses that are driving 60mph on the WRONG side of the road still scare us but not as much as they did, Dad now overtakes them, an unspoken rule that he broke the other day! Scary! Cows grazing on the burning rubbish by the side of the main road along with guys selling fish on tarpaulin with the car fumes blasting onto it all, is the usual fare as we drive for fifteen minutes to the surf school for our lessons.

Once we arrive we are welcomed warmly by the instructors at Freedom Surf School. We have all our lessons at the school and we are now regulars. We help get our boards out and have a guess at who has been promoted to a smaller board and who will be with who. We have a quick practise of the pop-up on dry land then attach our leash and hit the waves. The water is so warm and lush we don’t even remember it is eight in the morning! We can all stand up now and I can even surf some drop waves. The instructors are so nice and helpful that when I stand up they all cheer and really congratulate our triumphs. Depending on how we feel at the end of a lesson we might take turns hiring the boards and having a go ourselves.

On the drive back we will stop off at the Roti (thin, crepe like dough) shop to get some veg and plain roti for lunch, then one of us will go next door to the lady that sells massive curries for 75p. We get two of them and some popadom for under £2 and lunch as a whole is about £3. Dad claims that in the UK the meal would cost at least twenty quid. He is a very happy man whilst eating that curry!
When we arrive home to our compound, we all jump into the shower before we eat as other members of the family (aka Georgia and Mum) feel that sand is a “highly frustrating substance that should not be part of this planet,” quoted from Georgia, in a rather annoyed way, one day on Mirrissa beach. So to stop the sand spreading we must have a shower. We then eat some good curry and call bets on which veg will be the most spicy.

After lunch we get our school books out and start the learning process. Dad and I will sit down and blast out some extremely difficult maths and I feel like I am finally getting it. Then I will do a bit of a project or some writing. Three hours later ,phew, we are allowed to leave. If we have aced the work or put in good effort we are allowed to go to the local beach one minute away and we may be able to go snorkelling.

When we come back I will help mum make the curry and rice. If we have got some time to wait G, D and I will play some cards or we will all play a game of Cluedo. I then lay the table with Dylan and he will round everyone up and we then eat curry – again- and eat the food, if lucky we will get some fried naan or some popadom. We have a chat about tomorrows agenda whilst eating. Georgia or I will do the washing up, then we clean the table, sweep the floor and get ready for bed.

At 7:30 pm we will play some more cards or text our friends and family the we might paint or draw. As 8:00 pm draws closer we brush our teeth as dad puts up the mosquito net and I climb into the bed Georgia and I share to read my Kindles. An hour later we are so exhausted from the day we crash out. Luckily, the next day we are so sleep filled we don’t mind being woken up a 7am.

I hope you now get a feel of our life and enjoyed the blog.

3 thoughts on “A day In The Life Of Me: Sri Lanka Style

  1. Sound like like you all have a vey busy schedule, but fun, continue having an amazing time , so grateful to be able to hear your adventures. Keep on writing! gihin ennam x

  2. Oh wow – that does sound pretty much like paradise . So glad you have all progressed with the surfing and I Can’t wait to see you standing up when we visit you soon!! All my love , Nanna Xxxx

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