Argentina mini takeover


We have only been in Argentina for two weeks and visited two cities, Buenos Aires (BA) and Puerto Iguaçu so we are not doing a full takeover. We will say our three favourite things then our worst memory and a top tip. We are writing this on a 26 hour bus journey to Rio de Janerio from Iguaçu falls. Sorry it is late, our computer was broken and we are now in Sri Lanka!!

3 best memories and why:


The food and wine: The food and wine is seriously good. We ate soooooo well in BA. We had some incredible steaks, both out and also back at the hostel. We also tried amazing ice cream, cakes, and pastries and drank a LOT of red wine!

The hostel: The hostel was light and airy and the staff so friendly and helpful. There was loads of stuff to do. (America del sur) They had a massive outside garden with lovely BBQ areas. I think it was probably our favourite place to stay in South America. Even though our room was tiny, just 2 sets of bunk beds (Dylan was on the floor on blankets!) We met loads of people there for the first time in ages which was really nice for me and Matt, we realised we hadn’t had any friends for ages! There were two single women in their 70‘s on a round the world trip. Matt and I had several nights when the kids happily went upstairs to bed while we sat downstairs, having a chat and sharing a few glasses of the world’s best red wine, chatting to some other travellers. It was just what we needed.

Watching the tango show: the show was incredible, very moving and I am so pleased we made the effort to see a live show. I love doing these classic things in each country and it didn’t let us down.

We also did walking tours (free walks BA) for the first time and they were a great success. It’s really nice for someone to give an overview and background to a place, it means we don’t have to explain everything to the kids, someone else can do it for a change! The kids seemed a really good age for this kind of tour now and everyone enjoyed both tours.


We did our own BBQ at the hostel in BA; we got two huge steaks and some amazing sausages for about £5. I have never tasted better steak and the BBQ at the hostel was amazing to use.

I was dreading doing the Tango lessons but they turned out to be really fun. It was great dancing with Kate and the girls and I was proud of how hard Dylan tried too!

Doing the walking tour of the Boca was really cool; the highlight was standing outside of the Boca Juniors football stadium. It’s bright blue and yellow and is right in the heart of the barrio. I just wish it had been match day.

Alex: My three best memories were:

The food; it was incredible in Buenos Aires. They had the best cake shops everywhere with an incredible cake with two shortbread biscuits a filling called dulcet de leche (a mix between fudge and caramel) covered with a layer of icing-sugar. The most famous of course steak, for those who do not know we, as a family, LOVE steak so basically BA was our heaven with a fat lump of stake ,800g, from the butchers for a tenner! Everywhere had great potatoes and the meat tasted so fresh it was unbelievable. And the ice-cream was so lush that it was by far the best I have ever had.

The tango was great and then we did some lessons which I found really fun as well (see Buenos Aires, art and culture for more info).

Last but not least was Iguazu falls. It was incredible just watching the ever falling amount of water that cascaded off the cliffs. The lush jungle was amazing and we even saw wild monkeys with baby monkeys on there back. One of my funniest memories was when we saw a baby cotie and Dylan started to get really upset when it came near us and was screaming why we came here when we were standing under on of the prettiest waterfall I had ever seen.


It was good, I loved the food. We had loads of great meals. They even do amazing pasta! My favourite as they had loads of Itialian immigrants ages ago. I was well happy.

I loved the waterfalls at Igazu (iguazu falls). They were really really beautfull amd impressive plus we saw loads of cool animals.

I loved learnig the tango and also seeing the show. Even tohugh we had to do in the common room in the hostel with people watching it was really fun.


Going to the massive waterfalls in Iguazu. They were really loud and we got soaked.

Having Tango lessons with my family at the hostel. It was funny dancing with my mum.

We went to a massiave swimming pool in BA and it was really fun as we were in the pool for four hours and mum and dad even came in.


Worst memory:

Mum: After flying into BA airport we realised it was quite a way out from the main town, somehow we had failed to really make any kind of plans as to how we would get to the hostel from the airport. We suddenly realised perhaps we had got a bit too relaxed/ laid back when the quotes for taxis were nearly £50. We usually prefer going for the cheap option and actually like catching public transport, as we think you get a good feel for the place BUT all the info sites we were looking at were saying it as pretty complicated to get into BA form the airport.  We decided to disregard that and plough on anyway…much to the kids, particularly Georgia’s disgust! They always are a bit more nervous when we arrive in a new place and would prefer to be whisked to new digs in air-conditioned ease.  Unfortunately our public transport attempt did not really go well, ending in everyone in tears and us bailing and flagging down a taxi! We managed to get half way into town but then got dropped off in the middle of nowhere, with no Wi-Fi and totally unsure of what bus to get next. Also it was boiling! After 40 minutes of trying to get buses to stop (they just drove past once they saw the amount of bags we had!) we admitted defeat!

Dad:  Having to use the cash machines! They are really hard to find, you can only take out £80 and they charge you 10%, bad times…….

Alex: On an 18 hour bus journey I started to feel really sick and had to keep going to the toilet. I could not sleep and it went down as my worst as you do not want to be on a 18 hour bus when you get ill. It is NOT nice.

Georgia: See mums entry above. I told them, and told them and told them but they wouldn’t listen. It was a distaste and I was right and they should listen to me more.

Dylan: I had a code brown situation. I very nearly made it after running home from the ice cream shop, I was in the toilet, trying to take my shorts down but suddenly it was too late!! Yuk. Luckily my dad sorted it all out for me. Thanks dad.

Top tip:

Mum:  Dulche de Leche. Eat as much as you can of this caramel goodness.They have it everywhere, on toast, in cakes and ice creams and it is absolutely delicious!

Dad: They don’t use fire lighters for BBQ over here. Simply use twisted newspaper pages wrapped around a wine bottle. Then pile up the coals around the bottle. Finally remove the bottle, and light the newspaper, lovely hot coals in no time!!!

Alex: Eat like a king in Buenos Aires as the food is so good and do not feel worried that you are putting on weight as every tourist that goes there puts on a bit!

Georgia: Eat loads of steak. If you are a vegetarian or especially a vegan Argentina is not for you but it is for me.

Dylan:  Go to the parks in BA. They have nice parks and I like to play there.

Items lost: I’m sure Dylan must have lost a hat

Biggest strop: Dylan had a massive panic on at the waterfalls about the tiny cute Coatees, (a type of racoon or rodent). Was really funny but he was realty scared and screaming!


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