Colombia: Week One 18-26 October 2017

We are now in South America for three and a half months, which is very different to the comfort of our luxury RV on Malibu beach but does bring its own set of joy. For the next two weeks we are travelling around Colombia before heading off to Ecuador!!!

So far we have been on four flights in the last week (which i hated as i have a VERY rational fear of flying) and a night bus! It has been stressful not staying in one place for more than two or three days but we do still get to see the city’s. We are going to see a coffee plantation which is in the countryside in a couple of days which is still in Colombia. Colombia is the second most bio-diverse country in the world and the first for birds.

When we flew into Bogotá we were mind-blown by the amount of traffic,  it made a fifteen minute cab ride turn into an hour cab ride. We were all knackered as well as we stopped in San Salvador for a change over at three in the morning. Anyway, in the morning we went downstairs for breakfast thinking it would be like our home-made pancakes and bacon we had been having in the camper van but we couldn’t have been more wrong!! Instead they had chicken wings (the bacon) and fried cheese tortillas (the pancakes) with curry sauce (the syrup)!!! Luckily it was all delicious and we had a good filling meal.

In the day we went to the national museum of Colombia and we learnt all about the Nobel Peace Prize as their President won it for his hard work to end the civil war. Next we went to try an amazing meat pasty called an emphnada, they are SOOOOOOOOOOO good I eat them all the time. Later we went to a gold museum and learnt all about the native tribes using it as a common item! In the evening we went out for dinner to the restaurant that looked like a food court so we ended up at a lovely Mexican restaurant which we all enjoyed it. In the morning we got up early as we had to catch our third plane in the last forty eight hours but we wanted to go up to a catholic monestry at the top of a hill with stunning views of the city first. We took a taxi to the cable car that went up the mountain where we learnt about the catholic church then we went to a market where mum and dad tried coca leaf tea which is similar to the highly illegal drug cocaine (not quite says mum) so later when dad starting sweating like mad we blamed the tea. We decided to walk down the mountain as we figured that it was not going to be that long although the look on peoples faces when they reached the top showed it was not going to be easy!

Cartagena temperature was completely different compared to Bogota. Bogota was cool,

well this was so humid we barley coped. When we arrived we had a problem as our hostel didn’t exist and we were stuck in a darkening street with all our luggage and nowhere to stay. Luckily a lovely coffee shop took us in and all the and customers helped us find a hotel to stay. I have left a thank-you on tripadvisor (eureka coffee house) . We found a lovely hotel that gave us all cheese and ham sandwiches for breakfast every day. The walled city was great although there was loads of hawkers trying to make you buy stuff that you would never really need. The colours of the buildings were gorgeous and they were all individual. IfIi were you only there as a day trip as there’s not much else to do unless you go to an alright beach that costs £50 to get there and there’s loads of hawkers but you can get passed tat if necessary.  We also went for a lovely meal out for steak and pasta. It was perfect and all the staff were friendly and the food was class.

Last night we took an overnight bus to Medellin. The overnight bus was good but really wobbly so i felt a bit sick. The seats were comfy and better than the beds in the hostel. At the start the guy took a photo of everyone and someone said this was in case anyone was kidnapped. This freaked me out a bit!!! Today we went around the city to see Fernando Botero statues ( I will write more about why i like this artist later) and then for a walk around a shop looking for dinner at our hostel- fun fact: they only have milk in a bag for sale.



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  1. Well dearest Alex , what a lot you have been squeezing in! You always sound soooo positive about your experiences and that is the kind of person you are – always ‘up’ for things. I adored hearing about the food experiences – because food is key in our lives, right?
    How is the Spanish going ?
    Loving the pictures too
    Alexknowitall, you are a star – love you loads

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