The Hunger Games Trilogy By Susanne Collins

hunger games Today instead of doing a post on my travels I am going to do a segment on three great books that I recommend as I have thoroughly enjoyed them. They are the Hunger Games Trilogy. It is based on a game show that is controlled by the government.

There is a variety of characters in the book but is is written through the eyes of a young girl called Katniss Everdeen. She lives in the country of Panem, a place separated into districts, Katniss lives in the poorest district (district twelve). Her district mines coal and she lives in the poorest  part of twelve called the seam. Her father was killed in a mine explosion and she does all she can to protect her family especially her little sister Primrose Everdeen –Prim. Her best friend is called Gale and they hunt in the woods illegally together. During her time in the games she meets a boy called Peeta, the bakers son, throughout the games they build a strong relationship together. Her mentor is a great character called Haymitch, a drunk who uses drink to block out his terrible experiences. He and Katniss have lots in common and both get annoyed with there escort Effie. Although she is known for being extremely punctual she can be a laugh as well. Katniss meets loads of other people during the books but these are the main characters along with the evil President Snow.

It a long and twisting plot. It starts with a forced love story to stay alive but ends in a complete war against the Capitol. I really enjoy this book as you go on a journey through love and fear. The author based it in North America on how game shows are getting more and more out of hand. The games are fun for the capitol citizens and some districts as they nearly always win. It gets deep as it shows that the capitol citizens all enjoy watching young children die.

The language used is simple but powerful as it describes the surrounding landscape but also the feelings of Katniss. Susanne writes in such a way that it makes you feel like you are there but also shows how demanding the public can become. She writes the books all adjoined but completely different. My favourite part in the book is where Katniss realises that she actually has feelings for Peeta.

If I were to change anything about the book I possibly would add in parts that are going on outside of Katniss’s view. I really found this book interesting as it answered all of my questions but kept an air of mystary which I enjoy. I found this a great read and have already recommended it to my sister who loves it as well. If I were to say an age group I would say from ten and upwards. If you want a good read then this book will be for you.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do.

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  1. I have heard the Hunger Games mentioned numerous times by friends and in the media but never really took the time to find out about the subject. Your review has helped me begin to understand the series and I actually want to know more! Has Suzanne written anything else?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Alex xx

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