Music Stars of the East Coast

Over the past few weeks, we have seen (and heard) a variety of different music styles. We saw live country music is Nashville, learning all about the stars like Johnny Cash and other great musicians. I found this really interesting as it was completely different compared to some of the songs I like and who new Taylor Swift was a country star?!

Next up on our musical tour, Memphis the home of Elvis Presley’s Graceland (graceland tours ). We learnt all about rock’n’roll and how Elvis influenced the world of music. We went on a tour of his mansion and discovered the history of his family and their daily life. Elvis would invite guests to his house and preform songs to them in his “Jungle” room. Then they would have a large dinner with Elvis at the head of the table so he could watch the television. On his home grounds he had a squash court, underground games room and bar/lounge area. We also learnt about his cars and service in WWII.

When we were in New Orleans, land of jazz, we went to see the  Jazz band at  preservation hall. I really enjoyed this music and I think it is my favourite type of music so far as we got to see just how much passion these musicians put into their music. It was really interesting as some of the band members had ancestors who had played in Louis Armstrong’s band. The band leader was  funny and extremely talented on the trumpet. I  recommend it as it was a fantastic way to see the city culture.

Overall the music on the east coast is really great and fun to listen too.Image result for guitarElvis_Presley

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