The Capitol- Washington DC

On our second morning of New York City we went to an amazing diner called Ellen’s Stardust Diner  where the staff sing famous songs from musicals while you order your food. The portions were massive, a kids meal had nine chicken nuggets, that’s the same as a large McDonald’s adults meal in the UK, crazy right?! Anyway my little brother, who sleeps everywhere, slept through the whole thing!

Later we walked the high-line. It is a converted old railway track, a beautiful escape from the urban world beneath. In the evening we went to watch the New York Mets VS the Cincinnati Reds. It was a fantastic match ending with the Mets winning 5 home runs to 1. It was really fun as it was t-shirt night and we all got a free Mets shirt.

A couple of days later we got our RV and went down to Washington DC to see the Capitol Building and other brilliant monuments.on

In the Capitol Building we went to see the House of Cgress unfortunately  they were not in session but we still learnt loads. After that we went to the Senate where we saw Senator Giuliani give a speech about 9/11 as he was the mayor of New York at the time. We had a great tour guide who explained everything in a fun way that made everyone laugh.

After that we had a lovely walk around Washington to the iconic White House. We were gutted that we didn’t see President Trump but we did see lots of cops. After a long look at the White House we moved on and went to see the WWII memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. We learnt about his powerful speech and all of the famous marches that happened there. It was really cool seeing everyone playing soccer (or football)  at Washington Monument.

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