The Big Apple

For those who do not know, my crazy family are taking me around the world for a year. We are starting off in the USA, doing two RV trips across the east and west coasts of the USA.

So today we went to see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island (where all the immigrants came to check into the US). It was really interesting because we got to see what millions of people had to go through to get into the USA. Did you know that only 2% of all the immigrants got turned down and were sent back to their countries?

The Statue Of Liberty is an iconic monument with an amazing history. The main structure was designed by Gustave Eiffel the man who built the Eiffel tower.

Then we went to the best park in the world, Central Park!!! We saw the running super highway (mum went crazy as she loves running) and now I know why there isn’t a Park-run as there would be thousands of people. We sat in the park and had a slice of zaa – dads abbreviation  of pizza- but I totally recommend an amazing deli called zabars. Back to the point,we went back to our lush hostel -HiUSA New York- and chilled for another night.

5 thoughts on “The Big Apple

  1. You sound like you are having an interesting time and that New York was a good first stop on your world tour.
    What did you most enjoy about NYC?
    How were the pancakes?
    Has anyone said ‘Have a nice day’ yet?
    Keep ’em coming , the blogs that is!
    Nanna Caroline

    1. hi Nanna i really enjoyed the statue of liberty. unfoutunatly we didn’t have any pancakes but we did have some amazing bagels and yes a few people have said it to us.
      we miss you loads and georgie has just posted some vlogs on youtube the name is BrightonFamilyOnTour could you check it out please.
      Alex XXXXxxxx

      1. How was Graceland? Do you like Elvi’ music sound?
        How are you coping with the heat down south?
        Have you met and spent time with any American children yet?
        I am looking forward to reading your next blog, my friends have been very impressed by the standard of writing in your first blog
        Love Nanna

  2. Alex this is amazing – I love hearing about your adventures and Nanna helped me to find your Blog – all so modern!

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