Finally We Are Out…

Hey guys we are now in Bangkok after finally escaping the disaster of Ko Phangan.It was mad. We had to go down to the village and see if you could get out of Ban Tai (north of the island) and we could.But there was a great obstacle in our way:we still had the hire car and we needed to get dads passport back.So we had to get up to the hire car place and give the car back and get the passport.We got it but then we had no way of transport and we still needed to get across the island to reach the ferry port.Luckly we were offered the chance to by the hire car lady that she would drive us there for a little bit extra.

Mum and Dad took the chance and we managed to get across but it was dangerous.There were Massive  mud slides practically covering the whole road and there were trees breaking through electricity lines.When we got there, we had to get a  ticket for the ferrie and an overnight bus ticket to Bangkok.The ferrie stank. It was filled with wet and tired travelers but it was fun.My mum did not feel good so I had to look after her.The boat was so choppy it constantly felt like we were about to tip over but we were fine.When we arrived,we had to wait for ages for our bus to come but we killed the time buy having some noodles and rice.

Finally,we got on the bus.It was a luxury bus with blankets and the seats went right back. Annoyingly we had two Spanish ladies in front of my dad and she made us all move round as she couldn’t lie back, even when we I’d move she was still annoying as she talked all night!

When we arrived in Bangkok it was three in the morning but luckily there was a row of taxis outside. We had to get a taxi to our hotel,  unfortunately we had to pay for an extra night in the hotel as we had expected to arrive later but my mum is hoping to claim it back from our travel insurance.

Anyway thankfully we escaped when we could and we’re looking forward to so,e fun times in Bangkok before we head home to England.

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