Disaster Strikes:As South Thailand Floods

Hi guys, me and my family are stuck in a disaster zone at Ko Phangan.Our only way out is a road with immense mud slides and heavy flooding.The electricity is down and we have no running water.A mud slide has just fallen right by our apartment and the village has floods up to your thighs.The sea around Ko Phangan is extremely choppy and many boats have tipped.
It may sound fun but our apartment is a death trap and my mum has already slipped.This place is dangerous and we are puzzled on what to do.
The update on the weather is trenchall rain all day today and tomorrow.My mum is trying to contact our travel insurance to see if we can go to one of the posh resorts down the road just so we can be dry.
They are doing all the can to keep us safe and healthy but it is just to dangerous.
Also to add to todays adventure my dad had to help dig a motorbike out of a landslide which really was fun.
I will give you all an update on the situation tomorrow and hopefully we will be out of this disaster island and safely be on our way to Bangkok.

2 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes:As South Thailand Floods

  1. Wow! You’ve had quite an adventure so far!! I like your style of writing, it’s like reading an action book ☺️ Safe travels! Xx

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