Saving the Elephants: Chang Mai

Hey guys I forgot to mention last post that I am now 11 years old!!

This time on my travels we are in Chang Mai (north Thailand) and we have been to an amazing elephant sanctuary. The place was called Elephant Nature Park ( Im sure its the best one in thailand)

! It really raised awareness of these poor creatures lives and how tourism  has had a massive impact on there lives.

We got to here about their injuries and how they were caused.One poor elephant had its leg blown up by a landmine whilst being forced to do illegal was really interesting.

A part I found amazing was seeing a six month old baby boy elephant eating happily with its giant family.You could really see it developing its ways of life.

We did a lot of interesting things there like feeding the elephants and washing one with buckets in the river.I also got to get right up close to the lumbering monsters and pet them.

From this experience I, when I now see an elephant riding centre I now how much it can hurt these poor animals.

Please comment below if you have had any amazing experiences in Chang Mai !!!!

4 thoughts on “Saving the Elephants: Chang Mai

  1. Fascinating insight into the difficulties of living with humans for elephants!! Loved the description of ‘lumbering monsters’ – am I sounding like a teacher now Alex?
    So we really shouldn’t ride elephants then? Sounds like a good debate to be had over that one – what do you think Georgie ? Xxx

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