My time in Thailand

Day 1: Bangkok                                                                                                                                                   hi guys I am back sorry i have not written lately but i have been very busy,anyway back to the point. We have arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, today and it is sweltering hot.

When we got there we arrived we had to fill out loads of forms, it was so boring.Then we had to take a underground train to the skytrain or BTS(which is awesome)to rattachewie train station.After all that, we had the nightmare of checking in to the hotel which is lovely  by the way and is called Evergreen Place        if you ever go to Bangkok I totally recommend it.

Later this evening we went to a great night market and had a strange barbecue meal.My mum and dad tried to do it but they messed up severely and practically ruined the meal. but it was fun.

After a great wonder round the market we decided to get a tuk-tuk  back home. That was a MISTAKE! It completely put us off tuk-tuks.we literally came off the road and it was mad.

When we got back we got an ice cream from 7 eleven and now i am writing this to you.

2 thoughts on “My time in Thailand

  1. What an adventure Alex – you have had so much to learn and take in! I think the Tuk-tuk ride sounded crazy – please stay safe xx

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